Green Trace Traceability Tool


G-Trace-Traceability Tool

Control Union Certifications offers an advanced blockchain-backed traceability system. It ensures secure and reliable certification tracking throughout the supply chain, with features like forward and backward traceability, process-wise trace, and QR code scanning. Our system also provides high-level security, logs, and downloadable reports for efficient administration and data management.

We prioritise data integrity, particularly concerning farmer and farm information. By closely collaborating with farmers, we guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of data, reinforcing supply chain integrity. Our unit-oriented, RC-wise certifications enable detailed movement tracking, granting businesses a comprehensive view of their supply chains.

Partner with Control Union Certifications for access to sustainable and transparent supply chains. Our global expertise, innovative traceability systems, and commitment to responsible sourcing make us the ideal choice. Contact us today to discover how our services can support your organisation's sustainability goals and foster a better, more sustainable future.