Certification Process

Information Phase

Submit an initial application - If you wish to apply for the NICE certification program, complete the application form enclosed and return the completed form to (contact@nicestandard.com)

Admission and Contract

Based on the information in the application form certification body will issue a non obligatory offer letter which contains offer for the inspection and certification services for one calendar year, with the Terms of Contract and the Inspection Regulation.

Offer Acceptance

When you accept the offer, you should return a signed copy of the offer letter. You have now entered into an agreement to join this certification program. Certification Body (CB) shall send you a confirmation letter with an overview of your annual licensee registration.

Inspection and certification

After Certification Body (CB) has received the invoiced licensee fee, it shall plan the first inspection visit. After all the necessary inspections have been fulfilled Certification Body (CB) shall provide you with a report of findings. Based on the contents of this report of findings, Certification Body (CB) shall decide whether or not to grant you a certification.

Obtaining a certification starts with an application. Download the form below and send the completed application to an approved certification body for the next steps.

Download Application Form